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Writing Exercise 2

This exercise has three parts.

1) Construct an opening scene which is centred around a gathering of people (party, family dinner, office, school classroom, bus etc…) Write this scene with an omniscient third person narrator and try at least two of the following tools available to this narrative voice;

– multiple viewpoints (access to all of the character’ thoughts and perspectives)

– biographical details and summaries of the characters

– historical and/or social background to the event being narrated

– flashbacks

– revelation of future events

-evaluative commentary on characters and events

– tangential discussion

– narratorial intrusions

2) Choose one of the characters from this scene and rewrite the same scene in the first person voice. So this means the character will narrate events in his or her own voice and of course be restricted to his or her own point of view.

3) Choose another character and continue the scene from his or her point of view but using third person limited narrator. So the narrative is restricted to and focused solely thought the consciousness of a single character while still being written in third person.

Try to introduce some conflict in the scene, but without arguments or violence. In literary terms conflict simply means that a character wants something but is having their desire challenged.


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