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Sara Zaske

I’ve won something! And it’s green! (which just happens to be my favorite color. ) I have been trying to limber up my blogging brain, so I can feel worthy of accepting this award. I’ve been a wee-bit focused on the recent release of my e-book, The First. (Oh, did I just mention that again?)

First off, I want to thank Madhvi Ramani at An English man in Berlin for nominating me for this award. And I’m thanking her sincerely, not just because the instructions for the award tell me to. Madhvi is one of the best writers I know, and her blog is truly an eclectic mix of observations on literature, art, and life.

Second, as instructed, I will now tell you seven things about myself. I will do my best to be random and amusing:

1. Usually when I try to be random and amusing, I…

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